Friday, October 9, 2015

Easier Said Than Done

The title of this post says it all., it is easier to say a thing than to do the same thing which is being said. It is easier to tell people how to live their lives, what to do, how to act, respond etc., it's easier to be the one giving out the advice, than to be the doer of same. Saying is so easy, Doing? That's a different ball game.

Why do I say this ...well in my last post I said a lot of much have I done? Like I said it is easier said than done.

What then, I will say doing is a choice, it takes determination and focus .consciously working hard to achieve your set out objectives and with a little help from above for those that believe in stuffs like that, it will be done..!

Like the song goes, You can do it if you really want but you must try, try and try , try and try, you succeed at last. Most times success is forged out of failure. Don't give up..keep being a doer.

Sunday, January 4, 2015


So its a new year, and most of us have made plans on how to make this new year a great one,different from others. Well one way to make your dreams a reality this new year is to say No to procastination for that is one sure way to be a big bang failure.

For me i plan to read more books, books that will add something to my life of course, study the bible more, take my bussiness more seriously and have more fun...
Oh yes i plan to blog more too, put my thoughts out there, you never can tell how far it might go..

So what are your plans for 2015,.write them down,pray over them and just do it..dont procastinate just do it and you will find that all your dreams will come true this will turn out a Big bang success.

Have a victorious year 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


 my liege
U r my unique half
My morning trips
My driven force
Without you life sucks
without you I'm minus not plus
without you there's no us
without you I'm down like i got flu virus
though i miss you I'm glad i got you
for this I'm joyous
like a neck with no head
like a pillow with no bed
like a rose that's not red
like a book that's not read
that's the way i am when i miss you
missing you
your thoughts fill my head
as i lie alone on my bed
i ain't smiling my eyes are red
i miss you like no butter on my bread
i love you but i miss you just like i said
No woman no cry
i miss my woman i wont cry
i hold back tears from my eye
i said hello but i got no hi
i miss you I'm so low I'm not high
missing you is not good
like I'm alone in this neighborhood
missing you is so bad like a boy with no dad
till i see your face again this i promise again
love you forever

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Should you tell your partner Everything. .

Whats up guys. . . . How have u been? Probably enjoying the xmas season right. . . Or Not. . Anyway i wish u guys merry xmas and all the best. .

I also want to thank u everyone who has contributed to my blog in one way or the other through ur comments, etc i really really appriciate it.

I was reading a blog the other day and i cant really remember the blog name. . But the person was talking about looking back at the things she wrote maybe years later n be like, this is how i used to reason while i was a teeneger or so so years old. .

So am keeping this blog, writing anything i feel like, no matter how stupid it may sound hoping that one day, in the nearest or farthest future, i can look back at what i ve written, my ideas, thoughts, theories about life and everything and laugh. . ... .

So back to my thought 4 today. . ..

how much should your partner know about you. Is it right to tell him or her everything that goes on in your day to day life or are there things you should keep to your self. .

If so how much should one keep to him/her self. .

Still on the same issue when you do something wrong no matter what it is, most especially cheat on your spouse. . Is it right to tell him or her even when you know they might never find out. . And it doesnt seem neccessary,

what should be your reason for confessing even at the detriment of your relationship. I.e when it might affect your relationship negatively, why cause a trouble you can avoid by just keeping a little secret. .

Do you agree with me that most times we confess a wrong simply becos we feel guilty and we want the other person to share our burden. Is that really neccessary?
Dont you think its only reasonable that we bear the burden of our guilt, instead of causing the other person a pain he/she doesnt deserve , which could have been avoided by keeping a few things to your self.

I ve always advocated telling your partner everything infact, i tell mine everytin, no matter how right or wrong that thing might be. .

Yet every time i tell someone that i dont have any secrets, am always told that i should keep certain things to my self that im beggining to think they might be right.

even proffessionals will say its ok to keep a few things to your self. .

So What do you think. ?
What are the things u cant share with your partner in a relationship or marriage, . .wether its about your bu$siness, money issues, sexual affairs etc. . Or will u share just about everything and anything. .
Will love to know ur view. .

Merry xmas and have fun. .

Monday, December 14, 2009


Hello everyone,
how have you guys been. Hope u ve been great. For me, well its been pretty much like a drama anyway. I know i said this post will be a continuation of the stuffs i talked about on my last post but change is constant so. . . .

Its been like 2 months now since i joined blogsville or has it been 3. . Yes . No . .maybe

i remember why i joined blogsville, twas cos of my sister, yes ! I have a sister here in blogsville, same blood and everything.

Guess who it is?

Guess right and win a price. . Lol

Well she was always talking about her blog, her blog, this her blog that for almost a year or two she went on about this blog thing and i tot, i must find out what it is about blogging that makes her go on about it everytime.

And i did, i joined blogsville, a newbie, not knowing my left from my right about blogging, i didnt even know how to write my first post and she was of so much help. Infact my first post was her idea and i thank her for that, cos till now i would have been thinking about what to write and how to go about it. Lol.

Having her here was grt and wierd at the same time. Cos . . . . . . . . .you know now.. .
But that has changed, now the weirdness is gone. Its just great. Sis dont u think so. .?

My blog is going tru a phase, am almost at the verge of deleting it. . Dont run away now. ! Am just kidding. .

The first few weeks of blogging was grt. Meeting new friends/people. Etc but i feel the fun is begining to wear off. 'for a whole lot of reasons

i had an idea of what i wanted my blog to be all about but i seem to be diverting. . So am kinda trying to figure out the kind of things i want to be writing about but till then
.. . . . . .

Recently i ve been having this feeling of wanting to just say . . .L.i.f.e S.u.c.k.s yeah i said it and ironically i feel better. Dont get me wrong my life is beautiful, just that atimes . . . Hmmm

i went to visit sb today and her child was crying, i carried the baby as she stopped crying, and i had this feeling, i just wanted to have a baby and knew then that i would love him/her and he/her will make me happy. I felt all that while holding that child and believe me it was a great feeling. Yet thats gonna have to wait except i want my parents to skin me alive. . . Lol

To all my blog followers. .i just wanna say This blog is still here cos of u, thanks a grt deal

to those who read my blog without leaving comments and those that do leave comments well i appreciate it.

And i wont forget to add, sis please dont kill me for talking about you in my post, hope u dont mind. And well no one even knows its you . .so Lol.

Have a grt week ahead and never mind my mumbings and jumblings of a post.. . .

Love 4rm moi

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Its the beauty of the morning
Its the tender rising sun
Its a piece of my heart falling
Asking why you are on the run

Could you not hear my heart calling
Like an infant crying child
Would i wake up in the noontime
To behold your graceful charm

Are you thinking what am thinking
Would you gladly give a miss
Are you scared of your heart breaking
If you give it one true kiss

Are you sharing in my fate now
Would my love not love me back
Do you hunger just like i now
Are you thirsty for my face.

so i ve been thinking about all this stuff, OBE (out of body experience), telepathy or mind control, lucid dreaming, astral travel and lot more. truth is i ve been doing a lot more than thinking about it, i 've been.... haha i ll gist you guys about it maybe in my next post. i just want to know kind of in advance, what do you guys think about those stuffs, i know for sure they exist. i mean the fact that you dont believe in it doesn't mean it doesnt exist. so have you ever thought about them or am i alone in my crazy discovery chanel. So if you have, how do you view it, is it ok for christians to practice such things and if you say its not, where is it written in your bible.?
Atimes i see the whole thing as VAIN, but isn't everything else in this world VANITY.

have a lovely week

Monday, November 23, 2009


There are a lot of things on my mind, a heavily armed lot, that right now
i feel like screaming , screaming on top of my voice, screaming my head off
just screaming aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

screaming at MTN for being such a fucked up network, for not being able to
satisty her customers, for not keeping their freaking network stable.
for contineously stealing my credit, and for their numerous dubious ways.

screaming at power holding, for the really poor work they are doing, i mean
is nigeria ever going to be any better when it comes to giving us light, i wonder,
i just wonder.

screaming at life for being so unfair, you know some christian comfort
themselves with the idea of heaven, saying we are only strangers her etc etc so its only normal for us to suffer on earth and enjoy later in heaven
others say that christians should be able to enjoy there lives here, even before heaven
and i agree with them

but i feel like screaming because atimes it seems so difficult so damn difficult to
to be happy here screaming because everything seems to be spining around me,confusing,and choking.

screaming because there are so many things i dont understand, about God, about attraction, sexual attraction, about why good people die and the bad ones get to live.

screaming because this is not what i was supposed to post but i misplaced my diary today, so i had to improvise. i guess thats why all the need to scream started in the first place

All out... hmmmmmmmm!!! now i feel better.

thanks for being there

have a scream free week