Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The perfectionist

Wow! Last month was really splendid. hope it was for u.
Well its a new month,wishing u all the best.

I appreciate everyone who read my last post n left lovely comments. Thanks a lot.

Two contradicting quotes abt perfection

"Artists who seek
perfection in
everything are
those who do not
attain it in anything" gustave flaubert

"fix ur eyes on
perfection and u
make almost
everything speed
towards it" william ellery

As we walk through life we get to discover and understand ourselves.
The kind of person we are and atimes the reason why we do the things we do.

As we jorney thru life we go through a learning process,
learning about ourself, about others, about our environment and the universe at large.

During this jorney, i ve come to know myself more and more,
and understand why i do the things i do and lots more.

I ve come to discover that am very emotional and secretive etc.
Also i ve tendencies towards being a perfectionist.


Meet me: I cant take any action until am certain
its the perfect thing to do.

Before i say a word i go over it a million times in my head
puting it in perfect order before i say it out.

While writing i go over anything i ve written
a million times editing and polishing it,
most times it ends up losing its meaning.
And i ve to start all over again.

I can think of so many things i ve not said
just cos i was looking for d perfect way to say wats on my mind and couldn't find any.

I always set a high standard 4 my self, most times for others also and
it could be a problem when i or they fall short of it.

so it got me wondering,
do things ve to be perfect before we indulge in it?

are there times when good should be enough ?

do we waste our lives waiting for the perfect opportunities, perfect job, man, wife, book, writing, etc?

is there anything perfect in this world, or is perfect simply what you make of of it.

Is there hope 4 those who believe that something must be perfect b4 they take a leap?

I cant stop wondering
just hope the "i want it perfect" side of me wont start editing this till it loses its original meaning

oh she's trying so hard not to..

U could also share one or two things u ve discovered/learnt about ur self.

Nice week


  1. i like that first quote. so true.

  2. not first!
    ok im first to claim first!
    how about that..okk ill go read

  3. hmmm i like the william quote.
    but about perfection...i dont even kno sef. Obviously we shuld always strive to be the best at all things we can...which is and shuld be done by Gods power in us.

  4. Great quotes..even though at variance!
    Perfection is what one makes it to be i guess. Different folks have different views about it*

  5. Felt like you were talking to me in this one. I tend to leave so many thing sundone all because I’m waiting for the PERFECT TIME . . . where there is not the slightest doubt or possibility of flaws. I guess being a perfectionist has its ups and downs. It’s best to be careful so as not to allow that nature consume one and leave you at the same spot. God bless you.

  6. sometimes our strive for perfection becomes unhealthy, but at times, perfection is good, aiming for perfection is like aiming for the sky. so that when you fall, you can land on top of a tree. but when you keep erasing until the work looses it's meaning, that has gone from aiming for perfection, to wanting to be something else

  7. i want to say that i am not a perfectionist but i guess i am, in some issues i am a perfectionist. In most situations i just wing it but in others, i hesistate and wait cuz i just don't want to be wrong.

    and i guess you are right sometimes life just might pass us by cuz we are waiting for perfection

  8. I guess, In some way or another, we are all perfectionist, especially concerning something we feel we may never get an opportunity to do again..This sound like someone I!
    Nice week to you too my lovely!...

  9. @uzezi
    i guess you are right

    thats a lovely point you have there 'striving for perfection through Gods power in us' thats something worth having in mind in wateva we are doing.

    so true...because everyone is entitled to his opinion of wats perfect for him.

    @ geebee
    bless you too, bless you much more for contributing

    nice thot my dear, keep it coming

    @ kafo
    i guess we ll just have to stop waiting and "commit" lol . how are you doing?

    i guess we all have an atom of perfectionism in us. really? u? lol

  10. I believe in aiming for the best, and being confident that the best effort shall yield the best results, and not beating yourself over something in a quest for perfection, because nothing can be accurately a hundred percent. Also, accepting that which you cannot change, and changing that which can for the better.

    But In calculating I do it over a million times to avoid errors..That's the perfectionist streak I have..Does that count?

  11. personally 4 me perfection mostly equals frustration, i'v stopped trying.

  12. @rose
    when it comes to calculating my dear you have to shine your eyes especially calculating money. lol.

    yeah right perfection could be frustrating atimes and other times its worth it.. i also think everything doesnt have to be perfect so do the one you can and leave the rest abi..

  13. i like both quotes although there's a but for the 2nd one...

    if you have to make everything perfect then there'll be no room to make the necessary mistakes and therefore, there won't be room for learning or improvement...

    you have to learn to take risks and therefore step out of your comfort zone cuz it is only then that you'll realise and see things that you never know existed...

    don't always wait for a perfect chance but take the chance you get to say or do something so you won't have to carry a load that's perfect for not taking chances...REGRET!!!

    me likey...


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