Thursday, October 1, 2009

A friend

people of blogville i salute una ooo
happy independence day to everyone. .and again its a new month so wishing u all a beautiful beautiful month. . .

Im glad we are still in this together. Hope we will still be till next month. lol

how would u define a friend . . . There are lots and lots of defitions of a friend. . . but i do know that a friend is someone who cares enough to notice you are in pain or need without u neccessarily telling them and provides reasonable solution to ur need. . Thats a friend. . But how many of us are really trully friends. .and Do we act as one?

Here's a poem i wrote on a friend and am dedicating it to someone i met here in blogville, someone who has been more than a friend to moi n i guess to others too. .cos she has such a lovely heart. .

A friend

A friend is someone you can trust
with the whole of your heart
someone you can lean on
when you are not strong

A friend is one who reaches out for you
in all situations both good and bad
someone who never lets go
when the going gets tough

A friend is one who is ever willing to give
his time and all away
someone who takes your yoke
and makes it his or hers

though there be
quite a lot of friends
but difficult, it is
to find a friend so true
as i have found in you

to rose