Thursday, November 26, 2009


Its the beauty of the morning
Its the tender rising sun
Its a piece of my heart falling
Asking why you are on the run

Could you not hear my heart calling
Like an infant crying child
Would i wake up in the noontime
To behold your graceful charm

Are you thinking what am thinking
Would you gladly give a miss
Are you scared of your heart breaking
If you give it one true kiss

Are you sharing in my fate now
Would my love not love me back
Do you hunger just like i now
Are you thirsty for my face.

so i ve been thinking about all this stuff, OBE (out of body experience), telepathy or mind control, lucid dreaming, astral travel and lot more. truth is i ve been doing a lot more than thinking about it, i 've been.... haha i ll gist you guys about it maybe in my next post. i just want to know kind of in advance, what do you guys think about those stuffs, i know for sure they exist. i mean the fact that you dont believe in it doesn't mean it doesnt exist. so have you ever thought about them or am i alone in my crazy discovery chanel. So if you have, how do you view it, is it ok for christians to practice such things and if you say its not, where is it written in your bible.?
Atimes i see the whole thing as VAIN, but isn't everything else in this world VANITY.

have a lovely week

Monday, November 23, 2009


There are a lot of things on my mind, a heavily armed lot, that right now
i feel like screaming , screaming on top of my voice, screaming my head off
just screaming aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

screaming at MTN for being such a fucked up network, for not being able to
satisty her customers, for not keeping their freaking network stable.
for contineously stealing my credit, and for their numerous dubious ways.

screaming at power holding, for the really poor work they are doing, i mean
is nigeria ever going to be any better when it comes to giving us light, i wonder,
i just wonder.

screaming at life for being so unfair, you know some christian comfort
themselves with the idea of heaven, saying we are only strangers her etc etc so its only normal for us to suffer on earth and enjoy later in heaven
others say that christians should be able to enjoy there lives here, even before heaven
and i agree with them

but i feel like screaming because atimes it seems so difficult so damn difficult to
to be happy here screaming because everything seems to be spining around me,confusing,and choking.

screaming because there are so many things i dont understand, about God, about attraction, sexual attraction, about why good people die and the bad ones get to live.

screaming because this is not what i was supposed to post but i misplaced my diary today, so i had to improvise. i guess thats why all the need to scream started in the first place

All out... hmmmmmmmm!!! now i feel better.

thanks for being there

have a scream free week