Monday, November 23, 2009


There are a lot of things on my mind, a heavily armed lot, that right now
i feel like screaming , screaming on top of my voice, screaming my head off
just screaming aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

screaming at MTN for being such a fucked up network, for not being able to
satisty her customers, for not keeping their freaking network stable.
for contineously stealing my credit, and for their numerous dubious ways.

screaming at power holding, for the really poor work they are doing, i mean
is nigeria ever going to be any better when it comes to giving us light, i wonder,
i just wonder.

screaming at life for being so unfair, you know some christian comfort
themselves with the idea of heaven, saying we are only strangers her etc etc so its only normal for us to suffer on earth and enjoy later in heaven
others say that christians should be able to enjoy there lives here, even before heaven
and i agree with them

but i feel like screaming because atimes it seems so difficult so damn difficult to
to be happy here screaming because everything seems to be spining around me,confusing,and choking.

screaming because there are so many things i dont understand, about God, about attraction, sexual attraction, about why good people die and the bad ones get to live.

screaming because this is not what i was supposed to post but i misplaced my diary today, so i had to improvise. i guess thats why all the need to scream started in the first place

All out... hmmmmmmmm!!! now i feel better.

thanks for being there

have a scream free week


  1. and it was so easy? i envy you. nice to know you feel better, blogging helps dont it. hope you find the diary. have a lovely weekend

  2. i guess sometimes we just need to complain a little bit to feel better with ourselves.

  3. so sorry, but its good you have an opportunity to rant and get these things off your chest.

    I think this is my first time here so here's a belated Welcome to blogville to you. =)

  4. Nice to scream it out sometimes, yeah. Hope you found your diary. Have a nice week.

  5. I've always hated MTN mehn, with a PASSION!! That place is stupid.

  6. pele o!
    Scream if you have to but by all means let it all out!
    All the networks have their many different issues. irritating!

  7. hahahahahahahaha. firstly, your blog looks beautiful. secondly, re-welcome back. thirdly, i feel you with mtn, try visa fone, contact me so i'd tell you how to use it. life in naija can be frustrating at times, but God is always good, and everything, no matter how bad it may look now, is working out together for good for you, if you love God and you are called according to his purpose. be good!

  8. @tunrayo yeah it sure helps.thank you

    @leggy yeah i guess so

    you are very much welcome

    @myne whitman
    hope so too, i think the enemies of my new found blog love are at work, but am moving

  9. @Azazel i can see we have a little something in common. thats good to know really

    you are right there, all the netwoks have their sore spots but mtn is the worst, dont ever go there

  10. @hyaw
    you have no idea how much you have helped ease my fustration right now. i lost my credit again today and i almost cried but according to what you said, every thing is working out for my good,no matter how bad those thing seem, right? y. i say a loud Amen to that. TAKIA


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