Thursday, November 26, 2009


Its the beauty of the morning
Its the tender rising sun
Its a piece of my heart falling
Asking why you are on the run

Could you not hear my heart calling
Like an infant crying child
Would i wake up in the noontime
To behold your graceful charm

Are you thinking what am thinking
Would you gladly give a miss
Are you scared of your heart breaking
If you give it one true kiss

Are you sharing in my fate now
Would my love not love me back
Do you hunger just like i now
Are you thirsty for my face.

so i ve been thinking about all this stuff, OBE (out of body experience), telepathy or mind control, lucid dreaming, astral travel and lot more. truth is i ve been doing a lot more than thinking about it, i 've been.... haha i ll gist you guys about it maybe in my next post. i just want to know kind of in advance, what do you guys think about those stuffs, i know for sure they exist. i mean the fact that you dont believe in it doesn't mean it doesnt exist. so have you ever thought about them or am i alone in my crazy discovery chanel. So if you have, how do you view it, is it ok for christians to practice such things and if you say its not, where is it written in your bible.?
Atimes i see the whole thing as VAIN, but isn't everything else in this world VANITY.

have a lovely week


  1. Hmmm, astral travel and all that stuff. I'm not really sure what it all entails but I get the feeling there's something diabolical about it.

    The whole thing smells of witch-craft and divination. The Bible clearly speaks against such things.

    Maybe I'll go do some research!

  2. I love thinking about these things. Especially lucid dreams. I think I have these from time to time. Dreams that feel so real you can feel things and smell things.

    Love the poem!

  3. @ enkay
    thats a nice tot, but i dont think those particular stuff i mentioned has anything to do with witch craft or diabolic.
    Its just like saying speaking in tongues or being in a trance etc. is witchcraft or diabolical

  4. @ christie jolu
    Its so nice to hear that. . Am thinking of teaching how to start lucid dreaming, u could join me it will be fun. Lol


  6. so i linked you up. i love your poem. hope you are good. are you planning on joining witchcraft. i don't know about those things. i sha think they can make you mad

  7. @fragilelooks
    funny ironically i ve not been reading, i ve been doing cos its in me. . Lol . Wanna learn?

  8. @fragilelooks
    funny ironically i ve not been reading, i ve been doing cos its in me. . Lol . Wanna learn?


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