Wednesday, December 31, 2014


 my liege
U r my unique half
My morning trips
My driven force
Without you life sucks
without you I'm minus not plus
without you there's no us
without you I'm down like i got flu virus
though i miss you I'm glad i got you
for this I'm joyous
like a neck with no head
like a pillow with no bed
like a rose that's not red
like a book that's not read
that's the way i am when i miss you
missing you
your thoughts fill my head
as i lie alone on my bed
i ain't smiling my eyes are red
i miss you like no butter on my bread
i love you but i miss you just like i said
No woman no cry
i miss my woman i wont cry
i hold back tears from my eye
i said hello but i got no hi
i miss you I'm so low I'm not high
missing you is not good
like I'm alone in this neighborhood
missing you is so bad like a boy with no dad
till i see your face again this i promise again
love you forever